Titre original Honigfrauen - Allemagne (2017) Genre Drame Avec Cornelia Gröschel , Sonja Gerhardt , Anja Kling , Götz Schubert , Franz Dinda , Peter Jordan , Stipe Erceg , Alice Dwyer , Dominic Raacke , Dorka Gryllus , Sebastian Urzendowsky , Isolda Dychauk , Winnie Böwe , Frederik Götz , Max Woelky , Jacqueline Mila Moellendorf Créé par - Réalisé par Ben Verbong Produit par Natalie Scharf , Daniel Mann

Synopsis Honigfrauen

The summer of 1986 begins on a promising note for Erfurt sisters Catrin and Maja Streesemann – they’ve finally received a travel permit for their first holiday at Lake Balaton. The only thing is, they have no idea that they’re being watched by the Stasi as the spies in swimming trunks of the Balaton Brigade have been watching out for East Germans attempting to escape to the West, with the holiday resort as a starting point. Catrin is quick to make new friends at the campsite, especially winsome Rudi from Mühlhausen, whose overtures clearly aim for more than just friendship; younger Maja is magically attracted to the glamour of the elegant Balaton-Residenz luxury hotel where only Western tourists are allowed to stay. Fate leads them not only into the Balaton-Residenz, but also to Tamás, the Hungarian hotel boss. Catrin immediately falls for the charming Hungarian, but Maja is the one to steal a kiss from him at the first opportunity, casting a shadow on the sisters’ otherwise close relationship. And the next disaster comes along, as their mother Kirsten has every reason to believe that her daughters’ trip to Hungary could wreak havoc on the family after an ominous phone call from Hungary. Using a pretext, she persuades her husband Karl to start the Trabant and drive after Maja and Catrin.

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