Tito on Ice

Date de sortie 20/03/2012 (01h14) Titre original Tito on Ice Réalisé par Helena Ahonen , Max Andersson Avec Helena Ahonen , Max Andersson , Vladimir Nedeljković , Ivan Mitrevski , Anders Möllander , Igor Hofbauer , Marko Tomas , Saša Rakezić , Igor Prassel , Mirza Bezirević , Nedim Ćišić , Katerina Mirović , Stefan Skledar , Lars Sjunesson Genre Animation, Documentaire Nationalité Allemagne, Suède


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Synopsis Tito on Ice

To promote their book Bosnian Flat Dog, Swedish comics creators Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson tour the countries of former Yugoslavia with a mummified Marshal Tito in a refrigerator. They encounter a number of artists, musicians, publishers and other characters populating the post-Yugoslav indie cultural scene. As the journey continues through increasingly improbable surroundings, the protagonists begin to question themselves and the reality they find themselves in. Watching border controls turn into improvised snapshot sessions, admiring mutant iron-curtain Disney toys, buying souvenir grenade shell handicrafts and discovering sniper art in blown-out apartments, they find that truth may indeed be stranger than fiction.

critique Tito on Ice

Critique : Tito on ice

Pour saisir pleinement les enjeux
d'un film comme Tito on ice, connaître l'histoire récente des Balkans est
recommandé. Mais, on peut aussi très bien s'en

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