Les films d’avant-grève.

Angélique Munier | 2 novembre 2007
Angélique Munier | 2 novembre 2007

Avec la grève potentielle des scénaristes, les studios espèrent finir le tournage de quatre douzaines de films d'ici la fin du mois de mars 2008.
Paramount Pictures (inclus Dreamworks): Star Trek, GI Joe, Morning glory, Shutter island, The lovely bones, Hotel for dogs, Eagle eye, The soloist, A thousand words, Wednesday.
20th Century Fox (inclus Regency, Fox Atomic): Wolverine, The day the earth stood still, They came from upstairs, Max Payne, Trouble man, Bride wars, Marley and me, Monte Carlo, Brad cutter ruined my life again, Ticket to ride, Jennifer's body.
Universal Pictures: The boat that rocked, State of play, Land of the lost, Repossession mambo, Death race, The wolf man, Duplicity, The fast and the furious 4, Green zone project (non intitulé).
Sony Pictures: Bond 22, Angels and demons, The taking of Pelham 123, Seven pounds, Year one, Edwin A. Salt.
Warner Bros, Pictures: Justice League, Terminator salvation: The future begins, Yes man, Hangover, Observe and report, The incredible Mr. Limpet, The Jetsons.
Walt Disney Pictures: Shopaholic, Bedtime stories, Witch Mountain, High school musical 3, Hannah Montana, The proposal, Christmas Carol.
New Line Cinema: Four Christmases, Ghosts of girlfriends past, Seventeen, My sister's keeper.
Other (Focus, Weinstein, etc): Bruno, This side of the truth, The box, Shorts, A serious man, Vanished, Curveball, Zach and Miri, Shanghai, Nine, Comeback.
Pour quatre grands films: Nottingham, Transformers 2, Prince of Persia, Shantaram, leurs tournages auront commencé avant mars 2008, mais devront attendre la fin de la grève pour être achevé.


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