Le Verdict

Date de sortie 16/08/1962 (02h10) Titre original Term of Trial Réalisé par Peter Glenville Avec Laurence Olivier , Simone Signoret , Sarah Miles , Terence Stamp , Hugh Griffith , Roland Culver , Dudley Foster , Frank Pettingell , Thora Hird , Norman Bird , Newton Blick , Allan Cuthbertson , Barbara Ferris , Rosamund Greenwood , Nicholas Hannen , Roy Holder , Derren Nesbitt , Clive Colin Bowler , Earl Cameron , I Julia Foster , Vanda Godsell , Lloyd Lamble Genre Drame Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Verdict

A schoolteacher plagued by alcoholism and his refusal to serve in World War II, Graham Weir inspires contempt in almost everyone around him, including his bitter wife, Anna. When the lovely young Shirley Taylor, one of Weir's students, falls for her unfortunate instructor, he is tempted and flattered but turns down her advances. Taylor's subsequent actions make Weir's life even more complicated.

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