Les Rapaces

Date de sortie 23/07/2006 (01h32) Titre original Greed Réalisé par Ron Wolotzky Avec Jason London , Darlena Tejeiro , Andrea Bogart , Tim Sitarz Genre Drame Nationalité Espagne, Suisse

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les Rapaces

Raven (Darlena Tejeiro) and Ashley (Andrea Bogart), two young women returning from a rock-climbing expedition, find themselves harassed by a group of bikers at a dusty bar in the desert. With surprise and guile on their side, the girls escape by stealing the leader's bike. Within minutes the furious biker gang is in hot pursuit through the hazardous terrain. Believing they have evaded the bikers, the girls discover a satchel of cash on their damaged bike and stumble across the desert to a small motel. The owner, Ned (Joe Goodrich), has agreed to drive them into town when suddenly the bikers appear, and they're looking for payback and the money.

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