Il était une fois en Amérique

Acteurs et actrices

Robert De Niro Rôle : David 'Noodles' Aaronson
James Woods Rôle : Maximilian 'Max' Bercovicz
Elizabeth McGovern Rôle : Deborah Gelly
Joe Pesci Rôle : Frankie Minaldi
Tuesday Weld Rôle : Carol
Burt Young Rôle : Joe
Treat Williams Rôle : James Conway O'Donnell
Danny Aiello Rôle : Police Chief Vincent Aiello
Et aussi :
  • Chicken Joe Chicken Joe Richard Bright
  • Patrick 'Patsy' Goldberg Patrick 'Patsy' Goldberg James Hayden
  • Philip 'Cockeye' Stein Philip 'Cockeye' Stein William Forsythe
  • Eve Eve Darlanne Fluegel
  • 'Fat' Moe Gelly 'Fat' Moe Gelly Larry Rapp
  • Woman in the Puppet Theatre Woman in the Puppet Theatre Olga Karlatos
  • Beefy Beefy Frank Gio
  • Young Deborah Young Deborah Jennifer Connelly
  • Young Noodles Young Noodles Scott Schutzman Tiler
  • Young Max / David Bailey Young Max / David Bailey Rusty Jacobs
  • Young Patsy Young Patsy Brian Bloom
  • Young 'Fat' Moe Gelly Young 'Fat' Moe Gelly Mike Monetti
  • Young Cockeye Young Cockeye Adrian Curran
  • Young Peggy Young Peggy Julie Cohen
  • Dominic Dominic Noah Moazezi
  • Bugsy Bugsy James Russo
  • Al Capuano Al Capuano Clem Caserta
  • Fred Capuano Fred Capuano Frank Sisto
  • Johnny Capuano Johnny Capuano Jerry Strivelli
  • Irving Gold Irving Gold Mike Gendel
  • Friend of Young Deborah Friend of Young Deborah Sandra Solberg
  • Young Deborah (Double) Young Deborah (Double) Margherita Pace
  • The Cemetery Directress (Extended Cut) The Cemetery Directress (Extended Cut) Louise Fletcher
  • Monkey Monkey Paul Herman
  • Thug Thug Bruno Iannone
  • Chinese Theater Spectator (uncredited) Chinese Theater Spectator (uncredited) Bruno Bilotta
  • Trigger Trigger Ray Dittrich
  • Officer Whitey Officer Whitey Richard Foronjy
  • Mandy Mandy Mario Brega
  • Willie the Ape Willie the Ape Angelo Florio
  • Max's Mother Max's Mother Marcia Jean Kurtz
  • One of Beefy's Thugs (uncredited) One of Beefy's Thugs (uncredited) Salvatore Billa
  • Crowning Crowning Gerard Murphy
  • Bugsy's Gang (uncredited) Bugsy's Gang (uncredited) Scott Coffey
  • Van Linden Van Linden Dutch Miller
  • Sharkey Sharkey I Robert Harper
  • Peggy Peggy Amy Ryder
  • Mrs. Aiello Mrs. Aiello Karen Shallo
  • Bugsy's Gang Bugsy's Gang Frankie Caserta
  • Bugsy's Gang Bugsy's Gang Joey Marzella
  • Interviewer Interviewer I Marvin Scott
  • Girl in Coffin Girl in Coffin Ann Neville
  • Adorable Old Man Adorable Old Man Joey Faye
  • Nurse Thompson Nurse Thompson Linda Ipanema
  • Reporter 1 Reporter 1 Tandy Cronyn
  • Reporter 2 Reporter 2 Richard Zobel
  • Reporter 3 Reporter 3 Baxter Harris
  • Chauffeur Chauffeur Arnon Milchan
  • Cemetery Caretaker Cemetery Caretaker Marty Licata
  • Peggy's Mother Peggy's Mother Estelle Harris
  • Drunk Drunk Gerritt Debeer
  • Newstand Man Newstand Man Alexander Godfrey
  • Mounted Policeman Mounted Policeman Cliff Cudney
  • 2nd Mounted Policeman 2nd Mounted Policeman Paul Farentino
  • Sgt. P. Halloran Sgt. P. Halloran Bruce Bahrenburg
  • Street Singer Street Singer Mort Freeman
  • Foreman Foreman Jay Zeely
  • Young Macrò Young Macrò Massimo Liti
  • Bar Room Patron (uncredited) Bar Room Patron (uncredited) Greg Anthony
  • Boy in Park (uncredited) Boy in Park (uncredited) Matteo Cafiso
  • Newspaper Salesman (uncredited) Newspaper Salesman (uncredited) Nelson Camp
  • Speakeasy Drum Player (uncredited) Speakeasy Drum Player (uncredited) Nunzio Giuliani
  • Speakeasy Banjo Player (uncredited) Speakeasy Banjo Player (uncredited) Dario Iori
  • Speakeasy Percussionist (uncredited) Speakeasy Percussionist (uncredited) Ole Jorgensen
  • David Bailey's Girlfriend (uncredited) David Bailey's Girlfriend (uncredited) Francesca Leone
  • Deborah Gelly's Father (uncredited) Deborah Gelly's Father (uncredited) Chuck Low
  • Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited) Ron Nummi
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited) Speakeasy Patron (uncredited) Ryan Paris
  • Speakeasy Trumpet Player (uncredited) Speakeasy Trumpet Player (uncredited) Nicola Roberto
  • Speakeasy Clarinet Player (uncredited) Speakeasy Clarinet Player (uncredited) Gianni Sanjust
  • Speakeasy Vocalist (uncredited) Speakeasy Vocalist (uncredited) Alex Serra
  • Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited) Susan Spafford


Sergio Leone Rôle : Director


Sergio Leone Rôle : Screenplay
Franco Ferrini Rôle : Screenplay
Leonardo Benvenuti Rôle : Screenplay
Franco Arcalli Rôle : Screenplay
Enrico Medioli Rôle : Screenplay
Ernesto Gastaldi Rôle : Screenplay
Piero De Bernardi Rôle : Screenplay


Arnon Milchan Rôle : Producer
Robert Benmussa Rôle : Consulting Producer
Claudio Mancini Rôle : Executive Producer