Dick Tracy

Acteurs et actrices

Warren Beatty Rôle : Dick Tracy
Madonna Rôle : Breathless Mahoney
Mandy Patinkin Rôle : 88 Keys
Al Pacino Rôle : Big Boy Caprice
Dustin Hoffman Rôle : Mumbles
Kathy Bates Rôle : Mrs. Green
Dick Van Dyke Rôle : D.A. Fletcher
Catherine O'Hara Rôle : Texie Garcia
Et aussi :
  • Spaldoni Spaldoni James Caan
  • Kid Kid Charlie Korsmo
  • McGillicuddy McGillicuddy Michael Donovan O'Donnell
  • Stooge Stooge Jim Wilkey
  • Shoulders Shoulders Stig Eldred
  • The Rodent The Rodent Neil Summers
  • The Brow The Brow Chuck Hicks
  • Little Face Little Face Lawrence Steven Meyers
  • Flattop Flattop William Forsythe
  • Itchy Itchy Ed O'Ross
  • Tess Trueheart Tess Trueheart Glenne Headly
  • Soprano (as Marvelee Cariaga) Soprano (as Marvelee Cariaga) Marvellee Cariaga
  • Baritone Baritone Michael Gallup
  • Sam Catchem Sam Catchem Seymour Cassel
  • Pat Patton Pat Patton James Keane
  • Chief Brandon Chief Brandon Charles Durning
  • Reporter #1 Reporter #1 Allen Garfield
  • Reporter #2 Reporter #2 John Schuck
  • Reporter #3 Reporter #3 Charles Fleischer
  • Lips Manlis Lips Manlis Paul Sorvino
  • Lips' Bodyguard Lips' Bodyguard Robert Costanzo
  • Customer at Raid Customer at Raid Jack Kehoe
  • Lips' Cop Lips' Cop Marshall Bell
  • Doorman (as Michael G. Hagerty) Doorman (as Michael G. Hagerty) Mike Hagerty
  • Lefty Moriarty Lefty Moriarty Lew Horn
  • Diner Patron Diner Patron Arthur Malet
  • Mike Mike Tom Signorelli
  • Steve the Tramp Steve the Tramp I Tony Epper
  • Numbers Numbers James Tolkan
  • Pruneface Pruneface R.G. Armstrong
  • Lab Technician Lab Technician Jack Goode Jr.
  • Lab Technician Lab Technician Ray Stoddard
  • Store Clerk Store Clerk Hamilton Camp
  • Cop at Tess' Cop at Tess' Ed McCready
  • Cop at Tess' Cop at Tess' Colm Meaney
  • Influence Influence Henry Silva
  • Ribs Mocca Ribs Mocca Robert Beecher
  • Bartender Bartender Bert Remsen
  • Judge Harper Judge Harper Frank Campanella
  • Club Ritz Patron Club Ritz Patron Sharmagne Leland-St. John
  • Club Ritz Patron Club Ritz Patron Bing Russell
  • Bug Bailey Bug Bailey Michael J. Pollard
  • Uniform Cop at Ritz Uniform Cop at Ritz Tom Finnegan
  • Newspaper Vendor Newspaper Vendor Billy Clevenger
  • Radio Announcer Radio Announcer Ned Claflin
  • Radio Announcer (voice) Radio Announcer (voice) John Moschitta Jr.
  • Radio Announcer (voice) Radio Announcer (voice) Neil Ross
  • Radio Announcer (voice) Radio Announcer (voice) Walker Edmiston
  • Mrs. Trueheart Mrs. Trueheart Estelle Parsons
  • Forger Forger I Ian Wolfe
  • Welfare Person Welfare Person Mary Woronov
  • Night Clerk Night Clerk Henry Jones
  • Old Man at Hotel Old Man at Hotel Mike Mazurki
  • Dancer Dancer Rita Bland
  • Dancer Dancer Lada Boder
  • Dancer Dancer Dee Hengstler
  • Dancer Dancer Liz Imperio
  • Dancer Dancer Karyne Ortega
  • Dancer Dancer Karen Russell
  • Cigarette Girl (uncredited) Cigarette Girl (uncredited) Tamara Carrera
  • Night Club Musician (uncredited) Night Club Musician (uncredited) Bernie Jones
  • Gangster's Girlfriend (uncredited) Gangster's Girlfriend (uncredited) Sheila Lussier
  • Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited) Bruce Mahler
  • Driver (uncredited) Driver (uncredited) Jerry St. John
  • Dancer Dancer Michelle Johnston


Warren Beatty Rôle : Director


Jim Cash Rôle : Screenplay
Jack Epps Jr. Rôle : Screenplay


Art Linson Rôle : Executive Producer
Warren Beatty Rôle : Producer