Date de sortie 26/11/2021 Prochainement Titre original Veneciafrenia Réalisé par Álex de la Iglesia Avec Caterina Murino , Cosimo Fusco , Ingrid García Jonsson , Nico Romero , Silvia Alonso , Enrico Lo Verso , Armando De Razza , Nicolás Illoro , Goize Blanco , Alberto Bang , Diego Pagotto , Alessandro Bressanello , Giulia Pagnacco Genre Nationalité Espagne

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Synopsis Veneciafrenia

Like mosquitoes drawn to the brightest light, tourists follow the light of the most beautiful city in the world,” it says, referring to Venice. That, however, has a downside. Compounded by the anguish of the last decades, the rage of the Venetians against this foreign invasion has now reached a flashpoint, with some now giving full rein to their instinct for survival. Oblivious to this, a simple group of Spanish tourists travel to Venice to have some fun. They will soon be fighting for their lives.

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