Zombies vs. Strippers

Date de sortie 09/07/2012 Au cinéma (01h14) Titre original Zombies vs. Strippers Réalisé par Alex Nicolaou Avec Circus-Szalewski , Eve Mauro , Victoria Levine , Adriana Sephora , J. Scott , Don Baldaramos , Tanner Horn , Brittany Gael Vaughn , Adam Brooks , Patrick Lazzara , Brad Potts , Jonathan Erickson Eisley , Paul Vinson , Chance A. Rearden , William Thomas Jones , Amy Paffrath Genre Comédie, Horreur Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Zombies vs. Strippers

The Tough Titty is about to go under after losing a lot of money and gaining no customers. After they bring together their staff for the night to declare bankruptcy and lay offs, little do they know that around them the city is being sieged by the walking dead.

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