Les Rois du patin

Acteurs et actrices

Will Ferrell Rôle : Chazz Michael Michaels
Jon Heder Rôle : Jimmy MacElroy
Will Arnett Rôle : Stranz Van Waldenberg
Amy Poehler Rôle : Fairchild Van Waldenberg
Jenna Fischer Rôle : Katie Van Waldenberg
William Fichtner Rôle : Darren MacElroy
Craig T. Nelson Rôle : Coach
Romany Malco Rôle : Jesse
Et aussi :
  • Hector Hector Nick Swardson
  • Sports Anchor Sports Anchor Scott Hamilton
  • Mountie Mountie Andy Richter
  • Mountie Mountie Greg Lindsay
  • Bryce Bryce Rob Corddry
  • PA Announcer PA Announcer Nick Jameson
  • Floor Manager Floor Manager Tom Virtue
  • Fox Fox Ben Wilson
  • Commissioner Ebbers Commissioner Ebbers I William Daniels
  • Young Jimmy Young Jimmy Zachary Ferren
  • Father St. Pierre Father St. Pierre Rémy Girard
  • Rink Official World Games Rink Official World Games Steven M. Gagnon
  • Sam Sam Luciana Carro
  • Attractive Official Attractive Official Nancy Kerrigan
  • Frank the Security Guard (as Ricardo "Smalls" Strickland) Frank the Security Guard (as Ricardo "Smalls" Strickland) Smalls
  • Sex Class Counselor Sex Class Counselor Luke Wilson
  • Female Sex Addict Female Sex Addict Katharine Towne
  • Federation Judge Federation Judge Brian Boitano
  • Federation Judge Federation Judge Dorothy Hamill
  • Federation Judge Federation Judge Peggy Fleming
  • Sasha Cohen Sasha Cohen Sasha Cohen
  • Co-Anchor Co-Anchor Jim Lampley
  • Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher Kerry Rossall
  • Reporter at Sign Ups Reporter at Sign Ups Stephanie Courtney
  • Reporter - Montreal Reporter - Montreal David Pressman
  • Surly Reporter - Montreal Surly Reporter - Montreal James M. Connor
  • Jail Cell Inmate Jail Cell Inmate Craig Gellis
  • Newswoman Newswoman Angela Chee
  • Usher Usher Hans Uder
  • Chazz Skate Double Chazz Skate Double Chad Brennan
  • Jimmy Skate Double Jimmy Skate Double Ethan Burgess
  • Stranz Skating Double Stranz Skating Double Patrick Hancock
  • Fairchild Skating Double Fairchild Skating Double Tiffany Scott
  • Father Father Phil Reeves
  • Alice Alice Mollie Marie Clinton
  • Matt Matt Matt Levin
  • Female Fan Female Fan Eloise Lynch
  • Woodland Fairie Woodland Fairie Fiona Gubelmann
  • Woodland Fairie Woodland Fairie Smith Cho
  • Skate Tree Skate Tree Matt Evers
  • Skate Tree Skate Tree Keith Joe Dick
  • Reporter Reporter Sunita Param
  • Little Kid Little Kid Elliott Cho
  • Court Stenographer Court Stenographer Loretta Fox
  • Rink PA Nationals Rink PA Nationals Kyle Bornheimer
  • Female Judge - Stockholm Female Judge - Stockholm Alison Martin
  • Finnish Skating Prodigy Finnish Skating Prodigy Griffin Armstorff
  • Wallet Mountie Wallet Mountie Grant Thompson
  • Crying Girl Crying Girl Kelly Gould
  • Flamboyant Dancer (uncredited) Flamboyant Dancer (uncredited) Stephen Boss


Josh Gordon Rôle : Director
Will Speck Rôle : Director


Jeff Cox Rôle : Author
Craig Cox Rôle : Author
Busy Philipps Rôle : Author
John Altschuler Rôle : Author
Dave Krinsky Rôle : Author


Peter Kohn Rôle : Producer
Ben Stiller Rôle : Producer
Marty P. Ewing Rôle : Executive Producer
Stuart Cornfeld Rôle : Producer
John Jacobs Rôle : Producer
Lara Breay Rôle : Producer
Colin O'Reilly Rôle : Producer
Patrick Esposito Rôle : Producer