Une étoile est née

Acteurs et actrices

Janet Gaynor Rôle : Esther Blodgett aka Vicki Lester
Fredric March Rôle : Norman Maine
Adolphe Menjou Rôle : Oliver Niles
May Robson Rôle : Grandmother Lettie Blodgett
Andy Devine Rôle : Daniel 'Danny' McGuire
Lionel Stander Rôle : Matt Libby
Owen Moore Rôle : Director Casey Burke
Peggy Wood Rôle : Central Casting Clerk Miss Phillips
Et aussi :
  • Anita Regis Anita Regis Elizabeth Jenns
  • Pop Randall the Landlord Pop Randall the Landlord Edgar Kennedy
  • Mr. Blodgett Mr. Blodgett J. C. Nugent
  • Posture Coach Posture Coach Guinn Williams
  • Station Agent (uncredited) Station Agent (uncredited) Irving Bacon
  • Waitress #1 (uncredited) Waitress #1 (uncredited) Jane Barnes
  • Aunt Mattie (uncredited) Aunt Mattie (uncredited) Clara Blandick
  • Santa Anita Cop (uncredited) Santa Anita Cop (uncredited) Wade Boteler
  • Burke's Butler (uncredited) Burke's Butler (uncredited) Sidney Bracey
  • Niles' Assistant (uncredited) Niles' Assistant (uncredited) Harry C. Bradley
  • Deliveryman (uncredited) Deliveryman (uncredited) George Chandler
  • Cuddles (uncredited) Cuddles (uncredited) Pat Flaherty
  • William Gregory (uncredited) William Gregory (uncredited) Francis Ford
  • Garcia (uncredited) Garcia (uncredited) Joe Gray
  • Judge George J. Parris (uncredited) Judge George J. Parris (uncredited) Jonathan Hale
  • Cop Outside Courtroom (uncredited) Cop Outside Courtroom (uncredited) Chuck Hamilton
  • Wardrobe Woman (uncredited) Wardrobe Woman (uncredited) Lillian Harmer
  • Sanitarium Attendant (uncredited) Sanitarium Attendant (uncredited) Edward Hearn
  • Boxing Ringside Spectator (uncredited) Boxing Ringside Spectator (uncredited) I. Stanford Jolley
  • Girl in Beret at Santa Anita Bar (uncredited) Girl in Beret at Santa Anita Bar (uncredited) Carole Landis
  • José Rodriguez (uncredited) José Rodriguez (uncredited) Chris-Pin Martin
  • Vocal Coach (uncredited) Vocal Coach (uncredited) Edwin Maxwell
  • Bert (uncredited) Bert (uncredited) Marshall Neilan
  • Sam (uncredited) Sam (uncredited) David Newell
  • Santa Anita Clubhouse Bartender (uncredited) Santa Anita Clubhouse Bartender (uncredited) Robert Emmett O'Connor
  • Burke's Party Guest (uncredited) Burke's Party Guest (uncredited) Dennis O'Keefe
  • Billy Moon (uncredited) Billy Moon (uncredited) Franklin Pangborn
  • Artie Carver (uncredited) Artie Carver (uncredited) Jed Prouty
  • Ray (uncredited) Ray (uncredited) Tom Ricketts
  • Academy Award Presenter (uncredited) Academy Award Presenter (uncredited) Paul Stanton
  • Black Witness (uncredited) Black Witness (uncredited) Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
  • Justice of the Peace (uncredited) Justice of the Peace (uncredited) Clarence Wilson


William A. Wellman Rôle : Director


David O. Selznick Rôle : Writer
I Ben Hecht Rôle : Writer
Dorothy Parker Rôle : Screenplay
Alan Campbell Rôle : Screenplay
Robert Carson (VI) Rôle : Screenplay


David O. Selznick Rôle : Producer