Heaven's Burning

Date de sortie 04/09/1997 (01h36) Titre original Heaven's Burning Réalisé par Craig Lahiff Avec Russell Crowe , Youki Kudoh , Kenji Isomura , Ray Barrett , Robert Mammone , Petru Gheorghiu , Anthony Phelan , Matthew Dyktynski , Colin Hay , Susan Prior , I Norman Kaye , Kate Fitzpatrick , Salvatore Coco , Kiri Paramore , Edmund Pegge Genre Action, Thriller, Romance Nationalité Australie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Heaven's Burning

In Sydney, the newly married Midori is honeymooning with her husband, Yukio. She does not love him and fakes her own kidnapping to escape the marriage. Her lover is supposed to meet her, but fails to appear. She goes to a bank to get some cash, only to become a hostage in an unfolding robbery, until the getaway driver, Colin, saves her from his fellow robbers. They hit the road together, with the cops, her husband and the robbers in pursuit.

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