Les Frères Falls

Date de sortie 30/07/1999 (01h51) Titre original Twin Falls Idaho Réalisé par Michael Polish Avec Mark Polish , Michael Polish , Michele Hicks , I Jon Gries , Patrick Bauchau , Garrett Morris , Lesley Ann Warren , William Katt , Teresa Hill , Robert Beecher , Jill Andre , Ant , Holly Woodlawn , Sasha Alexander , Socorra Mora , Mary-Pat Green , Patty Maloney Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les Frères Falls

Francis and Blake Falls are Siamese twins who live in a neat little room in a rundown hotel. While sharing some organs, Blake is always fit and Francis is very sickly. Into their world comes a young lady, who turns their world upside down. She gets involved with Blake, and convinces the two to attend a Halloween party, where they can pass themselves off as wearing a costume. Eventually Francis becomes really ill, and they have to be separated. They then face the physical and mental strains that come from their proposed separation.

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