Slap Her... She's French

Date de sortie 13/06/2002 (01h32) Titre original Slap Her... She's French Réalisé par Melanie Mayron Avec Piper Perabo , Jane McGregor , Trent Ford , Julie White , I Brandon Smith , Jesse James , Nicki Aycox , Alexandra Adi , Matt Czuchry , Cristen Coppen , Michael McKean , Mary Portser , Katherine Cortez , Jerry Cotton , Kirk Sisco , Cynthia Dorn , Steven Brown , Lisa Carnahan , Jeannette Heindel , Jennifer Cloutier , Richard Dillard , Kayla Higginbotham , India Neilan , Brent Smiga , Haley Ramm Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Slap Her... She's French

Welcome to Splendona High School, Texas, where football players, cheerleaders and beauty queens rule the hallways. And Starla Grady, the most popular girl in school, is on top of it all. That is, at least until Genevieve LePlouff, a French foreign exchange student arrives and turns her life upside down.

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