Bye Bye Braverman

Date de sortie 21/02/1968 (01h34) Titre original Bye Bye Braverman Réalisé par Sidney Lumet Avec George Segal , Jack Warden , Jessica Walter , Godfrey Cambridge , Phyllis Newman , Joseph Wiseman , Sorrell Booke , Zohra Lampert , I Alan King , Susan Wyler , Leib Lensky , Peter Gumeny , Graham Jarvis , Anthony Holland , Hal Taggart Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Bye Bye Braverman

One day, Morroe Rieff learns that his friend and fellow writer, Leslie Braverman, has died. After meeting Leslie's widow, Inez, who is more flirtatious than grieving, Morroe joins up with three other writer friends, Barnet, Felix and Holly to attend funeral services. However, the quartet faces numerous obstacles, that could keep them from paying their respects.

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