A.I. : Intelligence Artificielle

Acteurs et actrices

Haley Joel Osment Rôle : David
Frances O'Connor Rôle : Monica Swinton
Sam Robards Rôle : Henry Swinton
Jake Thomas Rôle : Martin Swinton
Jude Law Rôle : Gigolo Joe
William Hurt Rôle : Prof. Hobby
Robin Williams Rôle : Dr. Know (voice)
Ben Kingsley Rôle : Specialist (voice)
Et aussi :
  • Blue Mecha (voice) Blue Mecha (voice) Meryl Streep
  • Comedian (voice) Comedian (voice) Chris Rock
  • Syatyoo-Sama Syatyoo-Sama Ken Leung
  • Supernerd Supernerd Clark Gregg
  • Supernerd Supernerd Kevin Sussman
  • Supernerd Supernerd Tom Gallop
  • Supernerd Supernerd Eugene Osment
  • Female Colleague Female Colleague April Grace
  • Executive Executive I Matt Winston
  • Sheila Sheila Sabrina Grdevich
  • Todd Todd Theo Greenly
  • Dr. Frazier at Cryogenic Institute Dr. Frazier at Cryogenic Institute Michael Mantell
  • Roadworker Roadworker I Keith Campbell
  • Backstage Bull Backstage Bull Brian Turk
  • Lord Johnson-Johnson Lord Johnson-Johnson Brendan Gleeson
  • Flesh Fair Participant Flesh Fair Participant Christopher Dye
  • Teddy (voice) Teddy (voice) I Jack Angel
  • Yeoman Yeoman Tim Rigby
  • The Murderer The Murderer Enrico Colantoni
  • Teen in Van Teen in Van Adrian Grenier
  • Robot Repairman Robot Repairman Matt Malloy
  • Russell Russell Brent Sexton
  • Gardener (Voice) Gardener (Voice) Erik Bauersfeld
  • Teen in Van Teen in Van Michael Fishman
  • Sentient Machine Security Sentient Machine Security Diane Fletcher
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Al Jourgensen
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Paul Barker
  • Big Man Big Man Vito Carenzo
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Adam Grossman
  • Ticket Taker Ticket Taker Rena Owen
  • Crowd Member Crowd Member Adam Alexi-Malle
  • Tech Director Tech Director Laurence Mason
  • Gigolo Jane Gigolo Jane Ashley Scott
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Ty Coon
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Duane Buford
  • Flesh Fair Band Member Flesh Fair Band Member Max Brody
  • Covert Information Retrieval Covert Information Retrieval Red King
  • Cybertronics - Room 93056 Cybertronics - Room 93056 Claude Gilbert
  • Toe Bell Ringing Toe Bell Ringing Kate Nei
  • Mr. Chan's Assistant Mr. Chan's Assistant Laia Salla
  • Sentient Machine Therapist Sentient Machine Therapist Jeanine Salla
  • Teen in Van Teen in Van Mark Allan Staubach
  • Robot Repairman Robot Repairman I Miguel Pérez
  • Mechanic Mechanic Billy Scuder
  • TV Face TV Face Bobby Harwell
  • Comedian Comedian Wayne Wilderson
  • Welder Welder R. David Smith
  • General Circuita General Circuita Eliza Coleman
  • Chef Chef Jim Jansen
  • Laboratory Technician Laboratory Technician Tim Rhoze
  • FemMecha Nanny FemMecha Nanny Clara Bellar
  • Kate the Holographic Girl Kate the Holographic Girl Kelly McCool
  • Cop Cop Michael Shamus Wiles
  • Percussionist Percussionist Jason Sutter
  • Percussionist Percussionist Ken Palmer
  • Worker Worker Alan Scott
  • Voice in the Crowd (voice) Voice in the Crowd (voice) Lily Knight
  • Assistant Assistant Justina Machado
  • Child Singer (scenes deleted) Child Singer (scenes deleted) Daveigh Chase
  • Teenage Honey Teenage Honey Kathryn Morris
  • Amanda Amanda Hunter King
  • Stage Manager Stage Manager Michael Berresse
  • Patricia in Mirrored Room Patricia in Mirrored Room Paula Malcomson
  • Mr. Williamson, the Bellman Mr. Williamson, the Bellman John Prosky
  • Kid Kid Curt Youngberg
  • Kid Kid Andy Morrow
  • Kid Kid Dillon McEwin
  • Kid Kid Jeremy James Kissner


Steven Spielberg Rôle : Director


Steven Spielberg Rôle : Screenplay


Steven Spielberg Rôle : Producer
Kathleen Kennedy Rôle : Producer
Bonnie Curtis Rôle : Producer
Walter F. Parkes Rôle : Executive Producer
Jan Harlan Rôle : Executive Producer