Titanic 666

Date de sortie 04/03/2022 Au cinéma Titre original Titanic 666 Réalisé par Nick Lyon Avec AnnaLynne McCord , Keesha Sharp , Lydia Hearst , Jamie Bamber , Joseph Gatt , Derek Yates , Michael J. Chen , Jhey Castles , Kendall Chappell , Giovannie Espiritu Genre Horreur, Thriller Nationalité -

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Titanic 666

One hundred and ten years after its namesake’s fateful journey, the Titanic III’s maiden voyage will land at the original site of the wreck. Although a faithful replica of the original, this mammoth cruise ship is built with the most advanced technology, ensuring that it has no chance of sinking. But when the Titanic III arrives at the tragic site, strange events begin to occur, as dark forces from the deep rise to the surface, terrorizing all aboard and threatening to repeat one of history’s greatest disasters.

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