Un frère

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Date de sortie 26/11/1997 (01:40:00)
Titre original Un frère
Genre -
Avec Emma de Caunes, Jeannick Gravelines
Réalisé par Sylvie Verheyde
Produit par -
Nationalité France
Critique Ecran Large
( 0.0 )
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Synopsis Un frère

Loic and Sophie are siblings living with their mother in a block of flats. The impetuous, promiscuous Loic is a talented photographer about to make it to the big time, but being pulled back by loyalty to his best friend and ex-lover, both junkies. Sophie, a schoolgirl on holidays, is quietly undergoing a sexual awakening, observing from a distance Loic's milieu; she begins an affair with his business partner to Loic's quasi-incestuous disapproval. Loic is spotted by a prominent editor, but becomes increasingly unhinged, by his friend's violent struggles with dealers, by his lover's demands, by Sophie's 'betrayal', by his own 'demons'. Tragedy inevitably strikes.

Casting Un frère

Jeannick Gravelines
Rôle : Loic
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