The Sea is Behind

Date de sortie 15/12/2014 (01h26) Titre original Al Bahr Min Ouaraikoum Réalisé par Hicham Lasri Avec - Genre Nationalité France, Liban, Maroc, Emirats Arabes Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Sea is Behind

Tarik lives in a land without colour, a land where water is contaminated by a strange phenomenon of “water bugs”. Tarik wears make-up and dresses up as a woman. He dances on a cart that is drawn by a dying horse and his father has practically abandoned him. One day, Tarik’s horse Larbi stops in the middle of a procession and refuses to take another step forward. Tarik will have to learn to live again and surrender to the colours of his life, which is the only way to escape the dullness of the world around him.

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