Crache coeur

Date de sortie 27/11/2015 Au cinéma (01h22) Titre original Crache coeur Réalisé par Julia Kowalski Avec Liv Henneguier, Yoann Zimmer, Andrzej Chyra, Artur Steranko Genre Drame Nationalité France, Pologne

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Crache coeur

Jozef travels from Poland to France to work and to find his son Roman, who he abandoned 15 years earlier. Jozef works for a Polish immigrant family that has successfully settled in France. Rose, the family’s teenaged daughter, volunteers to help him find his son. Roman happens to go to the same school as Rose, and she finds him attractive. After an unexpectedly wonderful experience with Roman, she falls desperately in love with him.