Passeport pour une nuit blanche

Date de sortie 31/10/2003 (01h30) Titre original Out of Bounds Réalisé par Merlin Ward Avec Sophia Myles , Sophie Ward , George Asprey , Michael Elphick , Celia Imrie , Julia Barrie , Richard Huw , Chris Humphreys , Kelly Salmon , Rachel Ibbotson , Jason Rush , Tom Delmar Genre Drame, Action, Policier, Thriller Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Passeport pour une nuit blanche

Louise (Sophia Myles) is an alienated boarding school student in the midst of a hot and heavy affair with the husband of her headmistress, Veronica (Sophie Ward). Suspicion and passion hang in the air of the isolated campus until Matthew (George Asprey) suddenly disappears. Fearing the worst, Louise struggles to uncover what happened to her lover, but is foiled at every turn by Veronica, who begins to take a sadistic glee in the psychological torment she inflicts upon her. When a mysterious woman appears around the campus, Louise becomes convinced that she is being framed for the murder of Matthew, or even worse, being set up to be the next victim. Alone and friendless, Louise must keep herself alive long enough to uncover the truth of Mathew"s disappearance.

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