Obsession fatale / Désir fatal

Date de sortie 25/09/1991 (01h30) Titre original Inner Sanctum Réalisé par Fred Olen Ray Avec Tanya Roberts, Margaux Hemingway, Joseph Bottoms, Valerie Wildman, Brett Baxter Clark, Suzanne Ager, Jay Richardson, I William Butler, Ted Newsom, Michelle Bauer Genre Drame, Thriller, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Obsession fatale / Désir fatal

A woman attempts suicide when she suspects her husband doesn't love her and is having an affair. Now she's wheelchair-bound, and her husband, who indeed doesn't love her and is having an affair, hires a private nurse to look after his wife. The nurse begins to suspect that she was hired because of unproven allegations that she murdered someone's wife in a similar situation, that the husband wants her to murder his wife.

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