Death Knows Your Name

Date de sortie 06/10/2007 (01h28) Titre original Death Knows Your Name Réalisé par I Daniel de la Vega Avec Rodrigo Aragón , Hugo Halbrich , Mimi Rivera , Kevin Schiele , I Veronica Mari , Patricia Gomez , Javier Gorleri , Gonzalo Alfonsin , Alicia Vidal , Pablo Tur , Marcos Montes , Eugenia Rosales , Enrique Liporace , Sergio Mazurek , Carlos Torrado Genre Drame, Fantastique, Horreur Nationalité Argentine

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Death Knows Your Name

Bruce Taylor works as a doctor at a mental hospital with a dark mysterious history. When the nightmares of a patient start to affect Bruce's sleep, he thinks he might be going crazy himself. Worse still, the discovery of an old human skull threatens everyone with disease. Bruce must call upon his father Anthony for help to figure out the truth behind the skull and stop the spread of the disease.

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