Mira corpora

Date de sortie 04/07/2004 (00h46) Titre original Mira corpora Réalisé par Stéphane Marti Avec Marcel Mazé , Anders Ulrich , Sarah Darmon , Samuel Ganes , I Orlan Roy , Johan Amselem , Élodie Imbeau , Amine Adjina , Christian Canciani d'Este , Louis Dupont Genre Expérimental Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Mira corpora

The film appears like a ritual with splendids and crypteds psalms. The Great Master of Order (Marcel Mazé, new fetish actor after Aloual) seduces the young male prey with a running cinema projector which carves Murnau's Nosferatu extracts on their bodies. Metamorphosis, rituals passages, Eros and Thanotos, illusion and reality, film into the film are the themes and images in perpetual osmosis in this Stéphane Marti's opus.

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