L'Arbre aux âmes / Po di sangui

Date de sortie 13/11/1996 (01h30) Titre original Po di sangui Réalisé par Flora Gomes Avec Dulcenia Bidjanque , Djuco Bodjan , Dadu Cisse , Edna Evora , Bia Gomes , Adama Kouyaté , Ramiro Naka Genre Drame Nationalité France, Tunisie, Portugal, Guinée-Bissau

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis L'Arbre aux âmes / Po di sangui

Done in the style of an African folk tale, this film, a collaboration between European and African countries, is said to be among the most elaborate, high tech film in African film. Exquisitely photographed and filled with archetypal figures to create a poetic look at nature's revenge against those who would exploit her. It is set in the forest village of Amanha Lundju, a place where the birth of children is celebrated by the planting of a tree. The trees are considered spiritual twins. But for every tree planted, the rapacious state destroys many more for firewood and lumber.

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