Tango 2001

Date de sortie 01/01/1973 (01h33) Titre original Tango 2001 Réalisé par I Kostas Karagiannis Avec Lakis Komninos , Vagelis Voulgaridis , Erika Raffael , Dorothy Moore (II) , Jennifer Wynne (II) , Giorgos Moshidis , Dimitris Bislanis , Sakis Pantazopoulos , Yiorgos Theodossis Genre Drame Nationalité Grèce

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Tango 2001

A rich man with an impotence problem becomes subject to manipulation by those around him. When he gives the keys to his villa to two women, he witnesses a murder. A series of cunning plots and secrets make things difficult for the police as they hunt for the murderer, but a film that the owner of the villa secretly shot reveals the perpetrator’s identity.

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