The Black sleep / Dr. Cadman's Secret

Date de sortie 15/06/1956 (01h22) Titre original The Black Sleep Réalisé par Reginald Le Borg Avec Basil Rathbone , Herbert Rudley , Patricia Blair , Akim Tamiroff , I Phyllis Stanley , Lon Chaney Jr. , Bela Lugosi , John Carradine , George Sawaya , Tor Johnson , Sally Yarnell , Peter Gordon , Claire Carleton , Clive Morgan , Louanna Gardner , Aubrey Schenck , John Sheffield Genre Science-fiction, Horreur Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Black sleep / Dr. Cadman's Secret

In 19th century England, a noted brain surgeon rescues a former student from being hanged on a false conviction for murder, and spirits him away to an ancient, repurposed abbey far in the countryside. There, he connives his pupil into assisting him in mapping the functions of the various parts of the human brain, using living subjects who are under a terrible animation-suspending drug called "black sleep". Subsequently, the student, along with the daughter of one of the subjects, discover that most of these subjects have survived but are being kept in a dungeon-like cellar, in various stages of derangement...

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