Falaise maudite (La) / Fall into darkness

Date de sortie 25/04/1998 (01h28) Titre original Fall Into Darkness Réalisé par I Mark Sobel Avec Jonathan Brandis, Tatyana Ali, Charlotte Ross, Paul Scherrer, I Sean Murray, Marco Sanchez, Brian Markinson, Danielle Nicolet Genre Thriller, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Falaise maudite (La) / Fall into darkness

In Deerview, Washington, Jerry Price dies in a suspicious accident shortly after a love triangle among local and Californian students there went sour. His flippant sister Ann Price decides to blame his last flirt, immature pianist Sharon McKay. Ann enlists Jerry's athletic roommate Paul Lear to set up Ann as her apparent killer in a staged climbing accident in the woods. Detective Porter is played and outsmarted repeatedly, for Ann's plan proves twisted and her victims fight back, only leading up to further twists.

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