Les Enfants de la vengeance

Date de sortie 01/01/1985 (01h33) Titre original Dangerous Orphans Réalisé par John Laing (II) Avec I Peter Stevens, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Ross Girven, I Michael Hurst, Peter Bland, Ian Mune, Grant Tilly, Zac Wallace, Ann Pacey Genre Drame, Action Nationalité Nouvelle-Zélande

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les Enfants de la vengeance

Three orphaned boys - O'Malley, Rossi and Moir - become blood brothers. When they grow up, they plot revenge on the crooks who got away with shooting O'Malley's father. The crooks are doing very nicely importing heroin and laundering money. The boys begin by killing one of the crooks, stealing his indentification and cleaning out the guy's Swiss bank account. But their revenge does not stop here... And the American end of the operation is getting very curious.

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