Les amants de Teruel

Date de sortie 08/06/1962 (01h30) Titre original Les amants de Teruel Réalisé par Raymond Rouleau Avec Ludmilla Tchérina, René-Louis Lafforgue, Milko Sparemblek, Milenko Banovitch, Stevan Grebel Genre Comédie musicale Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les amants de Teruel

This puzzling experimental film is written and directed by Raymond Rouleau, who uses effects like changing color tones and masks to put across a drama within a dance drama. The set is a sound stage and the actors in this film are dancers on the stage, performing a mime-ballet derived from one particular legend. Both the enacted legend and the actual events affecting the dancers are parallel. The lead dancer Isa (Ludmila Tcherina) is still nursing her wounds after her first love left her to stand alone at the altar. Now one of the dancers wants to expand his relationship with Isa -- and soon after, the cad who jilted her suddenly shows up again. Tragedy follows closely behind.

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