Une femme en danger

Date de sortie 24/05/1996 (01h31) Titre original Out of Annie's Past Réalisé par I Stuart Cooper Avec Catherine Mary Stewart, Scott Valentine, Dennis Farina, Carsten Norgaard, Carlos Gómez, Ray Oriel, I Michael Flynn, I Brett Palmer, Christy Summerhayes, Liliana Cabal, Bill Osborn Genre Drame, Policier, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Une femme en danger

Annie's got a secret past she's eager to hide from her husband and her family. An iconclastic bounty hunter blackmails her to keep that past a secret. As the stakes increase, though, so do the ruthless and brutal actions of all those involved. Soon, deaths of some major players in the game change the stakes from dollars and cents to life and death.

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