Jane Eyre

Date de sortie 04/06/1971 (01h50) Titre original Jane Eyre Réalisé par Delbert Mann Avec Susannah York, George C. Scott, Ian Bannen, I Jack Hawkins, Nyree Dawn Porter, Rachel Kempson, Kenneth Griffith, Peter Copley, I Clive Morton, Angharad Rees, Jean Marsh, I Jeremy Child, Peter Blythe, Helen Goss, Louise Pajo, Michele Dotrice Genre Mélodrame Nationalité États-Unis, Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is an orphan, sent to Lowood school, and eventually becomes a governess at Thornfield hall to a girl named Adele. While she is there, many strange things happen and eventually she and Edward Rochester, owner of Thornfeild and Adele's guardian, fall in love. Suddenly, when Jane is about to win the happiness she deserves, a dark secret comes to light, and it will take all of her courage, love and understanding to triumph.

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