Nous deux

Date de sortie 22/04/1992 (01h33) Titre original Nous deux Réalisé par Henri Graziani Avec Philippe Noiret, Monique Chaumette, Serge Merlin, Patrick Fierry, Pierre Massimi, Claude Jaeger, Yvonne Gamy, Jean Luisi, Guy Cimino Genre Comédie dramatique Nationalité France, Italie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Nous deux

Toussaint and Madeleine have loved each other from the cradle. They are now sixty. They have reached retirement age and have decided to return to Corsica. Toussaint has spent thirty years underground in the maintenance workshops of the Paris metro system. he is happy, but Madeleine misses Paris with its excitement and, above all, their son, who is a doctor in one of the French capital's major hospitals. Madeleine has such love for her son that Toussaint teases her by saying she should ask the Pope for dispensation in order to marry him. Toussaint and Madeleine return to Balba at the beginning of the winter when the days are short, the village bar is closed and the men too scarce for even a game of cards. The silence is occasionally broken by the village idiot, Napolean, as he ambles about shouting the coming death of Corsica while on patrol of the locked-up houses he's been set to guard...

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