Piggy Banks

Date de sortie 01/01/2005 (01h27) Titre original Piggy Banks Réalisé par Morgan J. Freeman Avec Jake Muxworthy, Lauren German, Kelli Garner, Tom Sizemore, I Gabriel Mann, Joel Michaely Genre Thriller Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Piggy Banks

iggy Banks tells the story of two charming and brilliant brothers who finance their lifestyle by robbing and murdering pretty much anyone foolish enough to get in the car with them. They learn the business from their sociopath father (Tom Sizemore) who doesn't bother to hide his crimes, or the brutal philosophy which drives it. He tells his sons people are just piggy banks. You need money? Just break one open. Michael is sloppy and reckless he goes about his work with a demented glee, John perhaps even more horrifyingly, understands the misery he inflicts he simply doesn't care. It's just a job. Lock all your doors.

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