Children of the Living Dead

Date de sortie 11/06/2001 (01h30) Titre original Children of the Living Dead Réalisé par Tor Ramsey Avec Tom Savini, Damien Luvara, Jamie McCoy, Sam Nicotero, Heidi Hinzman, Tom Stoviak, A. Barrett Worland, Martin Schiff, Philip Bower, Robert Oppel, Christopher Mowod, Christopher Maurer Genre Fantastique, Horreur, Épouvante Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Children of the Living Dead

Starting a new life in a quiet Pennsylvania town, Matthew Michaels only thought is to turn an old farm property into a profitable car dealership. He soon discovers that beneath the gentle surface, this small town is anything but calm and peaceful. Firstly, he learns that his new property is located on the site of a graveyard, which all the townsfolk regard as an evil place that must never be visited. He then discovers that years earlier the town had suffered an infestation of the living dead ...zombies who prey on human flesh. One zombie, the infamous Abbot Hayes, escaped destruction. As the construction team begin degging, they unleash the thing the townsfolk fear the most, the wrath of Abbot Hayes and the awakening of ... The Children of the Living Dead.

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