99 Dizengoff Street

Date de sortie 01/01/1979 (01h50) Titre original Dizengoff 99 Réalisé par Avi Nesher Avec Gidi Gov , Gali Atari , Gilat Ankori , Meir Suissa , Anat Atzmon , Miryam Zohar , Chelli Goldenberg , Smadar Brener , Devora Kastelnitz , Yossi Segal , Orly Silbersatz Banai Genre Comédie dramatique, Romance Nationalité Israël

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis 99 Dizengoff Street

In the easy-going, sexually-liberated 1970's Tel Aviv, three young friends, struggling filmmaker Nati, his impressionable girlfriend Ossi and his geeky friend Mushon, move in together in a small apartment in Dizengoff Street number 99. By day, they work a boring desk office job but by night the city is their playground. Their overall goal is to make their way into the commercial movie making business, but harsh realities and romances often sidetrack them. Their fourth friend and Nati's older other girlfriend is aspiring musician, Miri.

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