Countdown at Kusini / Cool red

Date de sortie 16/04/1976 (01h41) Titre original Countdown at Kusini Réalisé par Ossie Davis Avec Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, I Greg Morris Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis, Nigéria

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Countdown at Kusini / Cool red

Greg Morris stars as Red Salter, an American jazz musician working in Nigeria. Red is trying to make time with Leah Matanzima (Ruby Dee), who is working with a group of rebels trying to liberate the fictional nation of Fahari. Leah recruits Red to help smuggle Ernest Motapo (Ossie Davis), the leader of the revolutionary army, out of Nigeria and into Fahari. Motapo is being hunted by mercenary Ben Amed (Tom Aldredge), who has been hired by a powerful corporation that has been oppressing the people of Fahari, and stripping the nation of its natural resources. Though he is reluctant to get too heavily involved, Red soon finds himself fighting along with Motapo and the rebels to liberate their homeland from its colonialist oppressors.

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