The House Next Door

Date de sortie 30/10/2006 (01h26) Titre original The House Next Door Réalisé par Jeff Woolnough Avec Lara Flynn Boyle , Julie Stewart , I Heather Hanson , Noam Jenkins , Natalie Lisinska , Charlotte Sullivan , Stephen Amell , Niamh Wilson Genre Drame, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The House Next Door

Walker Kennedy and his wife Col are a happy, voluntarily childless suburban couple. Then the thing they fear the most happens: part of their green surrounding is turned into a building site, for what turns out to be the widely acclaimed first house built by attractive, brilliant, obsessively devoted architect Kim (30), who has a short affair with Col. Kim is even enchanted by his own house, just like everyone else. However each subsequent couple that moves into the house soon turns nasty, never staying for long, ending in tears and/or blood. When Kim finally buys it with his wife, Col who believes he somehow curses all his buildings insists it's time to deal with him, permanently.

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