Mask of Dust

Date de sortie 10/12/1954 (01h19) Titre original Mask of Dust Réalisé par Terence Fisher Avec I Richard Conte, Mari Aldon, Peter Illing, Alec Mango, I James Copeland, George Coulouris, I Meredith Edwards, Edwin Richfield, Richard Marner, Tim Turner, Jeremy Hawk Genre Drame, Action Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Mask of Dust

An idol of auto-racing fans attempts a comeback after serving in the Air Force. When his former rival lies dying in the hospital he must decide whether to continue in the Grand Prix, or make peace with his adversary. Featuring race car greats Stirling Moss, Reg Parnell, John Cooper, Alan Brown, Geoffrey Taylor and Leslie Marr.

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