Lifeline express

Date de sortie 28/12/1984 (01h28) Titre original Hong yun dang tou Réalisé par Kirk Wong Avec Kent Cheng, Teddy Robin Kwan, Eddy Ko, Choi Bo Yam, Simon Yip, Wellington Fung, James Lai Wing-Keung Genre Drame, Comédie Nationalité Hong-Kong

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Lifeline express

Kind-hearted Fatso Ng earnestly entreats Buddha to save his midget brother Tiger from an early death. In a passionate outburst, he pledges half his lifespan in return for sparing Tiger. It seems to work ....... too well. Fatso had been told last year by reliable fortune teller Big Mouth Kwan that he would have a long life, but his fortune has now changed. Meanwhile, Tiger is making the most of his renewed lease of life, working hard to get into the panties of three busty nurses. Fatso "spoils" the fun by following Big Mouth Kwan advice - avoid sex if you want any chance of changing your bad fortune. Fatso begins to lose his sanity and goes into the hospital. His only hope of being saved is the weird hospital shrink, who believes in the occult.

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