Date de sortie 13/03/2006 (00h25) Titre original Rapace Réalisé par João Nicolau Avec Hugo Leitão , Márcia Breia , Lia Ferreira , Manuel Mesquita Genre Drame, Thriller Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Rapace

After finishing his MA in Anthropology, Hugo spends his days giving his brain a rest from the endless reading of texts by unknown authors. His only company is Luisa, the cleaning lady, with whom he plays cat and mouse. To escape the sleep of reason – which creates monsters -, Hugo exercises his lyrical vein by writing, with his friend Manuel, songs about their neighbourhood. The quiet dilettantism of our protagonist is shaken by Catarina, a young and beautiful translator who’s starting her professional life as a freelancer. Hugo is hooked and wavers. High above, a kestrel falcon hovers. It’s not the only bird of prey that can do it.

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