La pièce manquante

Date de sortie 12/06/2013 (01h25) Titre original La pièce manquante Réalisé par Nicolas Birkenstock Avec Lola Dueñas , Philippe Torreton , Damien Bonnard , Marc Citti Genre Comédie dramatique Nationalité France


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Synopsis La pièce manquante

Married for several years, Paula and André share a happy life with their two children in a small village in the countryside. But one morning, this peaceful life is turned upside down by the disappearance of Paula. In her farewell letter, she wrote these few words to explain her departure: “I wished I would never leave, but it is decided. I need to do this, otherwise I will die.” During that summer, André and the children will find each in his / her own way a remedy to deal with the pain of her absence and will set out on a quest for appeasement.

critique La pièce manquante

Critique : La Pièce manquante

La pièce manquante marque les débuts de réalisateur de Nicolas
Birkenstock. Pour son premier long, il ne choisit pas la facilité avec cette
histoire de

Critique - Film

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