Le temps de mourir

Date de sortie 08/07/1970 (01h20) Titre original Le temps de mourir Réalisé par André Farwagi Avec Anna Karina , Bruno Cremer , Jean Rochefort , Billy Kearns , Daniel Moosmann , Michel Beaune , Jacques Debary , Catherine Rich Genre Science-fiction, Policier, Thriller Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le temps de mourir

The movie starts with a mysterious girl riding her horse into a tree. Then she's rescued by millionaire Max Topfer, who is startled to discover in her possession a video showing him being shot by a man he doesn’t know. Both the girl, who has total amnesia, and the tape appear to have come from the future. With the aid of bodyguard Helmut, Max Topfer tries to find out why a total stranger is apparently going to kill him on camera.

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