Ai to makoto

Date de sortie 13/07/1974 (01h29) Titre original Ai to makoto Réalisé par Shigeyuki Yamane Avec Hideki Saijô , Ai Saotome , Masami Naka , Akira Oda , Daiki Sakagami , Mizuho Suzuki , Masako Arisawa , Chikako Shin , Mihoko Nakagawa , Takanobu Hozumi , Hachiro Misumi , Akiyoshi Kitaura , Yōko Minami , Kenji Takaoka Genre Action, Romance, Comédie musicale Nationalité Japon


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Synopsis Ai to makoto

Meet Saotome Ai, a high school girl from a well-to-do family. When she was a small child, she was in an accident that resulted in a young boy being permanently scarred between his eyes while she emerged unscathed. The young boy saved her life and although she never knew who he was, she never forgot him. Meet Taiga Makoto, a young man with a scar between his eyes who has had a rough life, but has emerged as a rough, tough bully - a thug and a brawler and about as rude as they come - all of which he blames on the incident that gave him his scar. When Ai and Makoto run into each other again, Ai feels guilt for what Makoto has become and decides to intervene and rehabilitate him. But is he a diamond in the rough, or just a bully?

critique Ai to makoto

Critique : Ai to Makoto

Ce n'est plus un
secret pour personne : Takashi Miike est un touche à tout. En 20 ans (pour un
total improbable de presque 100 films !), il s'est déjà frotté

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