Le Mal d'aimer

Date de sortie 03/12/1986 (01h29) Titre original La coda del diavolo Réalisé par Giorgio Treves Avec Robin Renucci, Isabelle Pasco, Piera Degli Esposti, Paolo Rossi, Maurizio Donadoni, Franco Citti, Andrzej Seweryn, Gianfranco Barra, Valeria Magli, Serge Spira, Erland Josephson, Carole Bouquet Genre Drame, Romance Nationalité France, Italie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Mal d'aimer

Physician Robert Briand (Robin Renucci) runs a leper colony in the 15th century that takes in new residents who suffer from the ravages of syphilis. When the beautiful Marie-Blanche (Isabelle Pasco) is brought to the grim, prison-like facility, Robert finds she displays no apparent signs of disease. He risks everything when he falls in love with the woman and makes plans to run away with her. Erland Josephson plays Robert's father, with Piera Degli Esposti as Robert's faithful assistant Terese.

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