Twister II : Extreme tornado

Date de sortie 20/01/2005 (01h50) Titre original Storm Réalisé par Måns Mårlind, I Björn Stein Avec Eric Ericson, Eva Röse, Jonas Karlsson, Lina Englund, Peter Engman, Karl Norrhäll, Jacqueline Ramel, Matias Varela, Joel Kinnaman Genre Catastrophe Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Twister II : Extreme tornado

DD is a smug fellow, almost 30 years of age, who can manage all by himself. At least that's what he thinks. However, a strange woman - Lova - enters his life, hunted by evil men who want to hurt her. Against his will, DD is forced into a series of horrific events.

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