Date de sortie 18/06/2008 (01h45) Titre original Inconceivable Réalisé par Mary McGuckian Avec Andie MacDowell , Lothaire Bluteau , Colm Feore , Jennifer Tilly , David Alpay , Michael Eklund , Kerry Fox , David Sutcliffe , I Nicholas Campbell , Jordi Mollà , Geraldine Chaplin , Oona Chaplin , Amanda Plummer , Elizabeth McGovern , Sara Stockbridge , I Donna D'Errico , John Sessions , Owen Teale , Reagan Pasternak , Colin Mochrie , Amy Elliot Genre Comédie dramatique Nationalité États-Unis, Canada, Royaume-Uni, France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Inconceivable

A physician who helps his clients bring new life into the world is accused of an ethical breach that's also criminal in this independent drama. Dr. Freeman (Colm Feore) is a doctor who runs an upscale fertility clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Freeman specializes in helping women who have had trouble getting pregnant conceive, usually through artificial insemination techniques or transplanting donated eggs into his patients. Over the course of several weeks, Freeman inseminates nine women from different walks of life, eight become pregnant and give birth to healthy children, but when the new mothers compare notes, they discover their children bear a striking resemblance to one another...

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