Date de sortie 28/03/2012 (01h25) Titre original Marieke, Marieke Réalisé par Sophie Schoukens Avec Hande Kodja , Jan Decleir , Barbara Sarafian , Caroline Berliner , Pauline Haugness , Philippe Van Kessel , Bernard Graczyk , Nicole Valberg Genre Drame Nationalité Belgique, Allemagne


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Synopsis Marieke

Marieke wants to live her life. But how can she succeed if love has been taken away from her? She seeks warmth in the arms of much older men to find the strength to face the past and finally be herself. Marieke is 20 years old. She lives with her mother, Jeanne, a woman left cold and distant ever since her husband died. During the day, Marieke works in a Brussels chocolate factory. At night, she escapes into the arms of much older men. With them she feels strong, cherished and free. The arrival of Jacoby, a book editor living abroad, searching for her father's last manuscript, upsets Marieke's precarious balance. Her mother does everything in her power to keep them apart. She fears that he will reveal the secret that has remained hidden for so many years. Marieke falls in love with Jacoby but devastated by the truth of her father's death, she sinks despair. Will she find the strength to accept the truth and live anew?

critique Marieke

Critique : Marieke

A vingt ans, Marieke préfère les hommes d'un certain âge. Comprendre,
l'âge de passer l'arme à gauche. Des rencontres qu'elle honore chaque fois d'un

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