A Song for Tomorrow

Date de sortie 08/06/1948 (01h20) Titre original A Song for Tomorrow Réalisé par Terence Fisher Avec Evelyn Maccabe , Ralph Michael , Shaun Noble , James Hayter , Valentine Dunn , Christopher Lee , Ethel Coleridge , Yvonne Forster , Carleen Lord , Conrad Phillips , Martin Boddey , Sam Kydd , Lockwood West Genre Mélodrame Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis A Song for Tomorrow

Derek Wardwell (Shaun Noble) is struck with amnesia, and the last thing he remembers is the beautiful voice of opera singer Helen Maxwell (Evelyn Maccabe). When he regains consciousness, Wardwell thinks he's in love with her. After his amnesia is cured, Wardwell returns to his fiancee while Helen begins a romance with his doctor.

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