La Flamme qui s'éteint

Date de sortie 27/04/1950 (01h28) Titre original No Sad Songs for Me Réalisé par Rudolph Maté Avec Margaret Sullavan , Wendell Corey , Viveca Lindfors , Natalie Wood , John McIntire , Ann Doran , Richard Quine , Jeanette Nolan Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Flamme qui s'éteint

Mary Scott learns she only has ten months to live before dying of an incurable disease. She manages to keep the news from her husband, Brad and daughter, Polly. She tries to make every moment of her life count, but her effort is weakened by the discovery that Brad is interested in his assistant, Chris Radner. But when she learns that Brad does indeed love her and not Chris, and that Chris is leaving town, she realizes what she must do to ensure the future happiness of Brad and Polly. She persuades Chris to stay, makes a genuine friend of her and watches Polly grow towards Chris.

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